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As our name suggests, we use Quality for the best advantage to your business, customers and employees. Making Quality work for you to provide Better products and services, that are Cheaper and with Faster delivery times.

About us

With more than 27 years experience implementing and maintaining accredited ISO/IEC Management Systems for; Quality, Environmental, Occupational health and safety, Information security, including integrating these management systems.

We have served clients across a wide range of business activities;

  • Aerospace - AMT Flightman
  • Airline operations - Virgin Express
  • Automotive - EVM, KVC
  • Custom built Automatic Test Equipment - Intepro Systems
  • Contract manufacturing (electronics) - Gentech, CEMTECH
  • Electrical engineering contractors - ESI Group
  • Electronics and software design services - Lighthouse Communications
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - Manser
  • Environmental energy management - AEC
  • Facilities Management - K-MAC
  • IT Technical Support Services - Siemens GPC, Centrix
  • Medical Devices - ResMed, Biosensia
  • Mobile communications; product development - Mobile Aware
  • Pharmaceutical processes, design implementation and validation. - Zenith
  • Software systems development and support services. - PMI Software, Piercom,
  • Sub-assembly supply - Duplicat
  • Transport and logistics optimisation technologies - AMCS
  • Web services - Softancy, Terminal 4
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  • ISO 13485 Medical device – Quality management system – Requirements
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System – Requirements
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system – Requirements
  • ISO 27001 Information security management system – Requirements
  • ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management – requirements
  • Using the ISO/IEC high level structure we can incorporate several of the above management system standards into one integrated management system for your business.
  • Improvement programmes:

    • Quality,
    • Environmental,
    • Occupational health and safety,
    • Information security
    • Help to update your management system to the latest ISO standard revision

Our Clients

Quality for Best Advantage

Team Involvement

When employees are trained in the necessary skills and knowledge and given the resources,authority and responsibility, they can respond effectively to customer needs and needs of the business. This situation increases employee satisfaction and leads to continuous improvement.

Product Quality

Consistent product quality and continuous improvement in product quality result from well designed and implemented process operated by empowered and engaged employees provided with appropriate technology and resources.

Operational Efficiency

A management system that directs management to set improvement targets, and provides thenecessary resources for improvement including corrective and preventive actions and monitors the results against the targets set is most likely to continue to improve operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

The objective of a management system is to create satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction is obtained when the right product or service meets the customer needs and expectations throughout the life of the product.

Business Benefits

The business benefits accrue when there is high team involvement producing high quality product efficiently that satisfies customers. Then the business benefits from low defect rates, as a result of engaged employees efficiently producing high quality products that satisfy customers and increases market share.